LUSCIOUS LUNCHES: Sea Bass, Smashed Potatoes & Silky Veg

Sea bass is one of my favourite fish but it is quite expensive so we don’t have it often. However, I found some on the reduced section in my local supermarket so I jumped on it and brought it home for lunch. I decided to cook it up with some smashed potatoes and some ‘silky’ veg: pan-fried vegetables in a creamy sauce. Let me tell you more…

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EXPERT Q&A: Choosing a Van for Your Campervan Conversion

When I asked people on my Facebook campervan groups what they thought was one of the most important things about converting a panel van to a campervan they often say – FINDING A GOOD BASE VEHICLE. The décor and fittings can all be easily changed but if the van isn’t right you are not going to have a good campervan. So, I asked Barry Winterton who, with his wife Jane, tracks down and sell Vivaro/Trafic vans, what to look out for when choosing a base vehicle.

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QUEST FOR A NEW CAMPERVAN: Is My Design Really So Weird?

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Campervan Quest front lately because I have been experiencing an ‘interesting’ struggle to find somebody who can help us convert our Vivaro van in the way we want it to be converted. I don’t think our design is that weird but, is it just me, or are there only 2 ways of converting a campervan at the moment  – Do-It-Yourself or an expensive, standard conversion by a professional converter who has a 6-months waiting list? I was feeling a bit down about it, but the Fates have provided a solution and I am really excited about it now…

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CAMPERVAN DAYS OUT: Wasabi, Smartphone Food and a Strange Incident

Last weekend Glyn and I had a fantastic time at the Abergavenny Food Festival in Wales. This festival happens every year in September and is a bit like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival except that, instead of the town being covered in comedy, it is covered in FOOD! We ate LOTS of good food and bought foodie items from some great local producers but there was a strange incident that still remains a mystery…

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