Space-saving campers

Love this. Some really clever ideas…

Wild about Scotland

For a bit of fun I’ve taken a look at space-saving campers, researching a selection of compact yet functional ways to travel and camp out overnight.  This post has been inspired by articles sent to me by Zero to Sixty … Eventually in the States and my brother in Zambia, both of whom quite rightly knew that this kind of thing intrigues me.

Way back in the early 1950s the owners of basic VW panel vans realised that their flexible midweek load-luggers could also be used for weekend camping trips.  By 1952 Westfalia began producing ‘camping boxes’  – removable, portable kitchens – to serve this growing interest – and soon fully-fledged camper vans were being produced by the company in Germany.  A variety of models were produced from the mid-1950s onwards with rear bench seats, kitchens, water tanks, carpets and curtains.

Over the last sixty years the camper van has been developed and…

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