Campervan Recipes: Banana & Peaches Pan-fry (also great for Christmas)…

There are two fruits that go to an extra dimension of deliciousness when you pan-fry them: peaches and bananas. They not only go super-soft and luscious, they also stop being shy about how sweet they are and blatantly show-off in that department. Now, add in a favourite Christmas spice and you have a perfect winter dessert for when you are fed-up with Christmas pudding…  Continue reading “Campervan Recipes: Banana & Peaches Pan-fry (also great for Christmas)…”

Turmeric milk

I love Turmeric milk (sometimes called Golden Milk) and it really is medicine as well as a lovely drink. Turmeric is amazing for fighting inflammation in the body which underlies many of today’s chronic diseases so you are also keeping yourself healthy as well as having a yummy drink…

Cooking Without Limits

turmeric milk with cinnamon and honey

Just a few years ago I discovered turmeric, a new spice which I love. With all the healthy benefits, turmeric became an important spice to use in my kitchen. This year I discovered turmeric milk and now I am drinking it before I go to sleep.

I use my own recipe because is a way to add to this milk other healthy ingredients. If I don’t have almond milk or rice milk in my fridge I use cow’s milk.

Turmeric milk, an Ayurvedic drink, helps you boost your energy and health. Most of us drink turmeric milk at night to help with our sleep and heal common colds or sore throat. It also helps with indigestion, menstrual cramps, headaches, arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Turmeric milk also fights different types of cancer: breast, colon, liver and prostate, and helps with depression, purifies blood, relieves pain and helps with neurological disorders.

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Campervan Christmas Presents: Kitchen Kit that might give you a Silicone Fetish

Here are a few ideas for great bits of kitchen kit that you can buy for your family or friends who are in to camping, campervanning or caravanning. Of course, these clever little items are also really useful to use at home too and sometimes I buy two identical ones so that I can have one in the house and leave the other in the van…

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Winter Recipes: Roast Root-Veg Pizza (Non-gluten)

Do you love pizza? I do but I am gluten intolerant so can’t eat a wheaty pizza base and I find a lot of the free-from ones you can buy are a bit like eating cardboard. BUT, I have found an amazing pizza base that is very easy and you make it up yourself. Glyn, who is a pizza addict. says that it is better than most of the ‘normal’ pizzas he has had. As it’s winter I have given this one a comfort-food feel with some roast root veg…

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