Campervan Recipes: The Ridiculously Simple Beetroot Salad that Helps You Live to 90…

OK, so the ‘live to 90’ bit may be a bit of an exaggeration but, if you eat this delicious micro-salad regularly your liver will certainly get a tune-up and that means feeling good. And it’s a brilliant addition to your BBQ meals while you are out camping…

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These Foods are Healthier than You Think…

Yes it’s January so a lot of us are now making New Year resolutions and thinking about how we can eat healthier. I am passionate about eating good food any time of the year and I think it’s great that people are now so interested in learning about nutrition. However, it’s very easy to be a bit dazzled by all the new ‘superfoods’ like spirulina, bone broth and  goji berries and forget about how amazing many of our everyday foods are. So here are 7 humble foods that don’t shout look-at-me but help us stay well and healthy in a quiet way…

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Gluten-Free Chickpea Chapati

Chapatis are just great for campervan life as they are really quick and easy. Sometimes I measure out the dry ingredients in to small freezer bags and then take these in the van so you only have to add the wet stuff (water and oil) when you want to make them up. You can use normal or gluten-free plain flour instead but the chickpea flour does give you some added protein. Glyn quite likes them cooked a little longer so they become crisp like the edge of a thin pizza crust and you can crumble them over your meal to add texture, but I prefer them soft and they are nice as a substitute for bread sometimes. Thank you, Lindsay!

Kitchen Operas

I have been having so much fun in the kitchen lately, as I’ve been experimenting with gluten-free bread baking!  And I’ve come up with a flatbread recipe that I have to share with you: Chickpea Chapati!  Oh, you’ll love them!


These are particularly good with Indian curries, but the boyfriend and I have been nibbling on them plain, as they’re so tasty.


These are definitely doable for a weeknight: you can have your own freshly baked and gluten-free flatbread in 10 minutes.  What could be better?  Mix, roll, bake, eat.  Done.


Ohhh, and do you want to know why I’ve been experimenting with gluten-free bread baking?  Well, I’m glad you asked!

On April 30th at 11am, yours truly will be teaching a class at Meghan Telpner’s Love in the Kitchen Academy here in Toronto: Get Baked Gluten-Free Style!!!  What fun!!!

Registration is now open (click here for all…

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