About Me: Campervans, Cooking and CFS

Hi, I am Summer Bourne and I fell in love with the campervan life a couple of years ago when my partner, Glyn, and I bought a converted Toyota Previa (‘Trev-the-Prev’) as our first campervan.

I am also passionate about good food – nothing too fancy – just nourishing, home-style food that is easy to make and I wanted to be able to carry on cooking good food while we were out on the road too. But, as you know if you have a campervan, it is harder to do that as you don’t have a proper kitchen, space, storage or the usual gadgets and, when you are out having adventures, you don’t want to be spending too much time on the cooking lark anyway.

Of course, it is great to go to the local pub for supper or find a cute cafe for lunch but that can get a bit expensive if you do it all the time. And sometimes it is just nice to relax by the van at the end of the day before you climb, weary but happy, in to bed.

So I started to develop and adapt some of my home recipes so that I could make a good, yummy meal from our basic campervan kitchen or even just on the portable, one-ring gas cooker. This got me hooked so I now go on the hunt for great recipes that will fit the bill too.

Campervan Cookbook

And then I began to think, well, if I am trying to cook this way then there are probably lots of other campervanners trying to do the same thing and they might like to know about some of the recipes that have worked well (of course, there were many recipes that didn’t!).

So I have now created a campervan cookbook (The Camper Cookie: Easy Recipes and Cool Tips for Your Campervan Life’) that shares these recipes and tips for cooking on the road.  Checkout the book on Amazon

Kindle Cover FINAL 28.07.16

The meals are also great to cook at home when you don’t have a lot of time and want to do something easy. My motto is keep it simple, quick and tasty and hopefully healthy as well.

I am constantly researching nutrition and I do feel that it is important to give our bodies good food though, of course, it is nice to be a bit food-naughty now and then as well!


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Taught me a Lot

My passion for good food came out of the 7 years that I was ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Unfortunately the medical profession could not offer me a cure for this condition so I started to research natural health so that I could cure myself which I did eventually. A large part of that was getting the right nutrition. Although it wasn’t a lot of fun, the CFS taught me so much about how to have a healthy life and I am now  keen to share this with other people to help them survive the 21st century and have the fun life they deserve, too.

For help with M.E./Chronic Fatigue you might like to take a look at The Optimum Health Clinic www.theoptimumhealthclinic.com/



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