Campervan Eating Out: Don’t be Afraid to ‘Tapas-Up’ Your Meal

Sometimes, when Glyn and I are eating out in a cafe or restaurant we don’t want to have just one big main course each – we want to try several smaller dishes and this is when we say “Let’s Tapas-it-Up!”  Tapas is a Spanish cuisine but here is a way that you can do this in any restaurant and it makes for a much more interesting meal…

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Campervan Recipes: Curry-in-a-Hurry

Curries are great.  They are tasty, nutritious and can be cooked in one pot so are brilliant for campervan life. And, although they are best cooked from scratch with lots of fresh spices, there is a way to cook a good curry that is fast and almost as fresh: the curry kit…

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My Curry Cooking Class Day

Just had a great curry cooking day with Geeta  at the Delish cookery school in Bristol and learned a lot about authentic Indian cooking.

We shared out the recipes which included: a chicken curry, a vegetable curry, samosas, pakoras and chapatis and then all took home a little bit of each of the dishes.  It was great to go to the fridge the next day for lunch and find all these wonderful, cooked goodies that I could just heat up. Hooray! Continue reading “My Curry Cooking Class Day”