Campervan Recipes and Weekday Meals

Just had to share this post from Jessie at ‘Life as a Strawberry’ as there are lots of really easy, tasty and pretty healthy meals here that you could do when you are camping and at home in the week. Thank you, Jessie!

Here are some pictures to get you drooling…

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Campervan Recipes: Easiest Pasta Dish Ever

This is a really simple pasta recipe from Pantry Recipes. I always like to get as much veg in as possible so I think I might add some mushrooms and sweetcorn to the tomato sauce…

Really Easy Pasta Recipe from Pantry Recipes

Campervan Recipes: So Easy – Parsley & Garlic Cream Cheese

This is a really simple recipe that is ideal for campervan life from recipe developer, Jessie, at Life as a Strawberry.

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Campervan Recipes: Easy Prawn Pesto Pasta

Just wanted to share a quick, pasta recipe that is perfect for cooking in the campervan from Kim Lee, a recipe developer in the USA who blogs as ‘Kim’s Cravings’:

Checkout Kim’s Easy Prawn Pesto Pasta recipe for your campervan life

I am not keen on artichoke hearts myself so I am thinking of replacing these with fresh peas or mange tout. Mouth is drooling already 🙂

Campervan Recipes: Cool Recipe Tip from Norway

Here is a great recipe tip from Jane and Nigel Wallis who are in Norway after travelling through Holland, Germany and Denmark in their ‘Morello by Murvi’, Fiat Ducato conversion campervan. Jane is a pretty amazing lady as she had cancer several years ago but chose natural remedies to deal with the cancer, one of which was good nutrition and she is now a very wise woman in that area. Thanks for this great tip, Jane…

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