Campervan Recipes: Banana & Peaches Pan-fry (also great for Christmas)…

There are two fruits that go to an extra dimension of deliciousness when you pan-fry them: peaches and bananas. They not only go super-soft and luscious, they also stop being shy about how sweet they are and blatantly show-off in that department. Now, add in a favourite Christmas spice and you have a perfect winter dessert for when you are fed-up with Christmas pudding…  Continue reading “Campervan Recipes: Banana & Peaches Pan-fry (also great for Christmas)…”

Campervan Recipes: My Famous Chilli Con Beanie

This is a really easy, one-pot recipe that is great for a weekday meal as well as in the campervan. And you can do lots of funky things with the leftovers that are almost as good as the main meal…

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Campervan Recipes: Healthy Oatmeal Muffins

Another great recipe from Kim’s Cravings. I love the simplicity of this muffin recipe and the fact that it is healthy and filling too (oats are loaded with Beta Glucan which is brilliant for maintaining a healthy immune system).

They are just great for a good campervan breakfast before you start the day’s adventures and they can also be made with gluten-free oats so good for those of us who can’t do gluten.

As most of us don’t have ovens in our campers, it is a Bake-Before-You-Go recipe but they freeze well so you can just throw them in the van before you start out. Enjoy…

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Campervan Recipes: Easiest Pasta Dish Ever

This is a really simple pasta recipe from Pantry Recipes. I always like to get as much veg in as possible so I think I might add some mushrooms and sweetcorn to the tomato sauce…

Really Easy Pasta Recipe from Pantry Recipes

Campervan Recipes: Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad

This is a healthy, easy and tasty salad recipe from Kim Lee at Kim’s Cravings. You could use some of my 10-10 Chicken for this.

Checkout the salad Recipe

Checkout my magical 10-10 Chicken on YouTube