CAMPERVAN RECIPES: Sweet and Sour Chicken Kebabs

Another great recipe from Kim at Kim’s Cravings! These Sweet and Sour Chicken Kebabs look really easy and tasty as well as nutritious. In fact so quick and easy it is the sort of thing you could throw together for a weeknight, ‘sponny’* BBQ in the garden after work on a warm evening.

*’Sponny’ is the word my New Zealand friend uses to describe anything spontaneous and fun.

Sweet and Sour Kebabs


QUEST FOR A NEW CAMPERVAN: Getting Harder to Find Good Vans

We are getting closer now to buying the base vehicle for our next campervan and Barry, our van-hunter extraordinaire, asked us if it was important to have air con in our van. Just thinking about camping in the extreme hot weather that we had recently means the answer was a big “Yes” but getting air con is not always so easy. In fact finding a good van these days at all is not so easy …

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Quest for a New Campervan : Which Van is Best?

So which van have we decided on in the end? Well, this was all becoming a bit of a Grand Design and to get to that decision (which to date is still not set in stone) we have had to follow a long research road that has had lots of twists and turns. Everybody you speak to seems to throw another consideration in to the mix which sometimes seems to confuse the question more. It really is like buying a new house and secretly I am loving every minute…

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Quest for a New Campervan: What Sort of Camper are You?

As much as we love Trev-the-Prev (our converted Toyota Previa) Glyn and I feel that it is now time for our next campervan.  As we won’t have the full funds until later this year, I have decided to launch myself on a full-on ‘Van Quest’, diving deep in to research on what our next van should be and the sort of questions everyone should ask themselves when they go on their own quest for a new campervan. It’s proving to be quite a journey and I’ll be sharing it with you over the next few weeks…

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